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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Etowa Disc Golf Course

While at a gathering in Albama each April, I head over to Georgia to visit my cousin.  This year I arrived early enough to plsy the Etowa Disc Golf Course.

As indicated by the sign above, the course is hosted by the Army Corps of Engineers.

This 18 Hole Disc Golf Course is laud our very well and takes advantage of the varied terrain.

They offer loaner laminated maps of the course too.  Although, each basket does point to the next tee.

Tee boxes are well maintained and carpeted.  Each tee box has a bench seat ready to welcome the next players.

This is a First for me.  They have ground markers on some fairways showing distance from tee.

The first few baskets are wooded, but too wooded.

The first holes were wet though.  Baskets 1 & 2 are in a hollow and their has been rain before I got here.  There are some wooden pathways over the most moist areas.  This does not prevent you getting your feet or disk muddy, retrieving the disk.  

This Hole is at the mouth of a small cave.  The drive is across the hollow and up hill.

Later on in the hole count you work your way gradually up a hill and then climb the hill to land the basket.

As seen above,  Toy then throw from hilltop to hilltop through more trees.

While following the course down hill as the basket numbers increased, I went big to throw a forehand shot to turn left getting lots of air and not hitting the trees.  I lost sight of it and the chopping of wood.

I threw a second disc backhand and it landed perfectly within putting distance.

I set out to search for my disc having mentally adding a throw for the first Disc.  A par in these trees is still good for my game.

I have been replacing my discs with bright orange to have an easier job finding my wayward discs. This saves so much time.

Down from the wooded hill, the drive is down this road with the basket just up off the road on the left.

No one told my disc and it decided to go right.  Ya, right into the brook.  The right side of the road is out of bounds.

They have done a great job remediating poison ivy on the course.  There are some places where it has come back but, I was thankful for not having to deal with 

One hole is thrown across the brook and this elaborate bridge that was installedget you to the basket.  A nice two throws in the basket.

Their are a few holes after this that are mostly open without trees and hazards.

Even with some mud and trees, the Etowa Disc Golf Course is an excellent course to play and will want to play again.


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