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Friday, April 20, 2018

“Can You Buy Me Gas?”

(Picture above is from Google search)

I bought a 2 gallon plastic gas can like the one above in a remote gas station in Utah, just in case something happens and I get low on fuel in my truck.  

Through my month-long UT adventures I didn’t need to use any of the gas.  Yes, a bit of over planning, but I had room and it was worth the total of $30+ that it cost to buy the container and fill it.

In leaving Utah I made the decision that the first person that asks me to buy them gas I would give them the container with the 2 gallons of 85 octane Utah gas.

Well, I stopped at a shell gas station next to a McDonalds I visited on I81 headed north in Virginia and was approached by a guy asking for me to buy him gas.  This is the second time I’ve been asked to help with getting people gas.

The first time was in California on the way to “The Slabs”.  In this case I asked where he and his family was going and gave them enough money to get them the 40 miles.  He was appreciative, but as the wife pulled to the pumps now that he waved them over the mini van siding door was open and trash fell out as the kids stood in the doorway.  No one bothered to pick up the trash and toss it in the rubbish Next yo the pump. 

Today’s request was different.  As I have the guy, who was by himself, didn’t say thank you.  As I pumped my gas into my Tacoma, I looked over at the guy and he had taken the pouring stem out of the tank and rotated it to pour in his tank and didn’t tighten the ring to hold the stem on and lost gas down the side of the car.  

I was finished pumping and he still was fussing with the 2 gallons, and I just drove away. Following my self proclaimed promise to give the tank with gas away to someone in need, I hope the guy I gave it to in his small car got where he was going.  Although he didn’t show appreciation, I don’t use that as a criteria for helping others on the road.



  1. Where did you store the can on the Tocoma?

    1. Great question. One of my friends was concerned about the prospect of me carrying the gas.

      I carried it on the floor behind the passenger seat. I have the access cab so it sit perfectly and I placed soft items in it.

      I also only put in 2 gallons, leaving a good space for vapor. It road with me for about a month and I never could smell gas.

      Of course, the weather never did get very hot. It got warm finally in AL / GA, but no issue.