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Saturday, April 14, 2018

“They Have Great Donuts In Canyon, Texas”

I left the National Wildlife Refuge where Susan and I stayed last night before our hike in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, and stopped in Canyon, TX at McDonalds forvthe regular.  

I texted friend Joanne to tell her about being in Canyon and she texted back that they had wonderful donuts in town.  

I pull up the donut search on Google Maps and the one and only donut shop in town was across the street and parking lot from where I was.

I like but don’t eat donuts often and even less frequently on my travels, but I was given a tip that I needed to prove out and jelly donut was calling out.

We walked over and the donut shop was a take out / sit in Shop with a few people there.  The donuts were being sold off the rack so I gather they sell so fast there is no time to put in the display first.

I couldn’t resist and with Susan in agreeing to help eat some I got 6 donuts and only paid $4.50.  I don’t know how they figured the price as I think it should have been more but $4.50 it was.  

I was happy they had jelly filled.  Although, they are glazed here vs granular sugar coated like a Dunkin Donuts, but all was good going down.  I have to say they only lasted 2 days between us but we reconciled our indulgence, as we later hiked 8.2 miles in the Canyon.

Yes, being frugal on the road, you see such endeavors as rewards or just a fun thing to do.

Next stop for sweets is possibly the Armish Market in Laurel, Maryland.  Oh their donuts and danishes are so so good.

That’s it.  Simple pleasures on the road and thank to Joanne forvthe tip.


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