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Thursday, April 26, 2018

How To Search Brent’s Travels

I’m often asked; “How do I find what I’m looking for on your blog?”

The question comes up because I randomly post about places and how to things one after another.  Therefore, there is no Prius section with a list of tops on my build.

I actually had the same problem initially, but then I thought, gust google it!

There is a benefit to do this too as some topics such as curtains may be under other titles.

So, as shown in the picture of a google search above, you type Brent’s Travels followed by the topic, in this case, curtains and you will get search results in my blog where ever I mention curtains.  Then just click the link and you are there.

Happy searching.




  1. Hi Brent, I tried this and searched for (I tried Brents Travels +, and + ) Leave No Trace, but despite you stating you have a post on the subject, I couldn't find it. If you can't categorize your posts perhaps you could add a search bar inside the blog, it should be quite easy to do and should be available to you as a widget or something like that in the settings. I think it's a shame when blogger go to great trouble to create a post, then it doesn't get viewed after the initial publishing because its too hard to find. Hope this input helps. Good luck. Roxy.

    1. Roxy,

      Sorry for the search difficulties.

      Brents Travels + Leave No Trace

      Will give 2 results on Goigle’s first page

      The blog is

      I will to see if there is a search feature I can turn on.

      I’ve always used Google to search my blog for information, as most people find my posts that way.

      I appreciate the feedback to make the blog more usable.