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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Am I A Traitor?

Granted the amount of unsweetened iced tea is more in their large container, but $2.50 (includes tax) is a lot more than McDonalds next door for their large at $1.09 (includes tax)

So why would penny or dollarwise Brent be at Burger King.

It’s simple.  The WiFi at McDonalds is so so so slow that I can’t download my evening podcasts or work on my blog.

Yet, 150 feet across a parking lot I have blazing fast WiFi.  So as one friend put it, I paid $1.41 for WiFi.

Well, I did and I didn’t mind.

I have written before that McDonalds WiFi is not all the same.  In this small town in Alabama I don’t have much of a choice on Sunday afternoon.

It was worth it as my podcasts are my entertainment when I turn in.  News and commentary are my desire to stay up on things on the road.

We all have choices.  I made mine today.


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