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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

FWC Pop-up Struts - How Many?

Back when I bought my FWC Camper I knew the newest campers being made had 2 external front struts and 2 external rear struts.  (See pictures I found on a web search below) I had seen this during my visit to the factory in CA

My 2011 only had 2 internal struts as seen in picture above diagonally at the edge of the bed.  The advantages of external struts is that they lift the ends directly at that point.  They also better assist in lifting as you do lift each end when piping up the top.  The disadvantage of external struts was that they weather.

I wrote to FWC for the cost of parts to install external struts on my camper and was told that they don’t sell the parts as a kit and I would have to have them do the work for

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