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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 94 - McHenry / How To Play Disc Golf

Today is Sunday and my last day visiting with my aunt here in McHenry, Illinois.

When visiting friends and relatives its a break from the road trip and therefore what I will share will be as interesting or inspiring than much I have offered.

My aunt sings in the church choir next door so being it Sunday I figured j would go for a walk around town.

It's spring and a beautiful morning with rain by evening.

McHenry is on the Fox River and anytime you have a town near water it seems to give the town a flair.  

Here established residents near the river have access anf the water provides for summertime activities.

In contrast these new condos also have river access and the town has combined the development with a public river walk.

There is an eastern and western older commercial area and newer in between.  North of town there is now a sprawling commercial area on both sides of the road where farms used to be.  

Here is one of the older not too well maintained Eastern commercial area buildings.  I really enjoy the architecture and wish someone would fix it up.

McHenry's population is now about 26,000 people.  They just finished widening one road in the center of town to 4 lanes in from of my aunt's house.

McHenry is serviced by train to Chicago only a couple times a day.  Just south at the town of Crystal Lake there is more regular service.  I have taken this train from Chicago to visit before.


My aunt wasn't interested in having her photo in my blog when I took her to show her how to play disc golf at her request.  My aunt plays golf and has been playing for so many years.  When I told her about disc golf she had not Hurd about it and didn't know they had the course statue high school. 

We went this afternoon and she wanted me to play so she would get an idea about the game and give it a try.

Flying a disc is all about the spin and it is a concept that she had to work on.  By the time I finished the 9 holes she was getting the putts in the basket.  

I thought it was very nice of my aunt to show the interest in my pastime and spend the afternoon doing this with me.


This evening as the rain started my aunt took me out to the Wilmot, Wisconsin Stage Stop Restaurant.  This is an old stage stop with a restaurant that features mostly Beef entrĂ©es and the second and third floors are open for historical viewing.

After dinner it was back to the house to visit more before my departure in the am.



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