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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 79 - Big Sur / Pfeiffer State Park

Friday afternoon Day 78 the family left for California's Big Sur Staye Park.  I stayed their one night last year with my Class B Campervan.  I will be camping in my Prius as my family stays in the tent.

This is a very nice park but very busy and this weekend the park was booked.  Campsites along the river are $50 per night with others are $35 per night and an extra car like what we have is $10 additional per night.

(Web photo)

We are amongst many mature redwood trees.

Saturday morning we had a full breakfast before heading out with the girls on a sight seeing tour of the area along the Pacific Ocean.

This trail is very popular.

Here is the view rounding re corner looking north.

Here is the pinnicle of this flowering plant that was in full bloom.

We stopped at this outdoor restaurant with a wonderful view.

Another beautiful flower.

We took this 
5 mile round trip hike to a falls and then over to the view of the valley.

Looking west from top of trail.

We also met this butterfly along the way.

There was also time for family campfires both nights.

Next to our campsite was this rented campervan that comes with everything you need but you don't sleep inside.  You sleep on top in this clamshell roof mount tent that has a ladder for you to climb up and in to sleep.  

We returned to Monterey Sunday to civilization & high speed internet.  I was lucky to have one bar of AT&T service at the campground but it wasn't good enough for posting my daily blogs.


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