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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blogging & No Cell Phone Service

I had no cell service again last night, as it has been this way for many of the past nights and being out of populated areas.

I understand that a number of readers look for my blog posting first thing in the am and it hasn't been there in their inbox if they subscribe or on the web if they go looking for it.

If I finish the blog sometime in the evening it is sent out to the email readers of the blog about 5:00 am ET.  If I don't get it done overnight like today you should see it by noon time on the website

When there is no cell service where I stay my first opportunity to write my blog comes in the morning either at McDonald's where I have WIFI or if no McDonalds is avsilable I will use my cell data plan like I did last month paying $10.00 each time I needed another Gb of data.  I had to do it 3 times last month.  All on a good cause though.

The thing is that it takes me about 2 hours to write my daily blog and get it published, and as you know my editing falls short sometimes and I thank the readers who see past my editing flaws and for those that look for better all I can say is you try keeping up with the daily love of writing.

I use my IPhone to write my blog using the app Blogger.  I can't save my temporary blog work without Internet as it stores the temporary post on the web.  I have tried writing the blog using mail or a document program and copying and pasting and that has its problems.


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