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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 84 - Part 1 - Horseshoe Bend

Today was a busy touring day so I broke it up into a number of Parts.

I started off with a 1+ mile round trip hike to Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River headwaters of the Grand Canyon just south of Page, AZ

A very small sign on the side of the road marks the popular location.  There is a fosl parking lot as it is on Federal Land.

You hike up a gradual hill and then down to what is a mini version of the Grand Canyon.

When you get to the Horseshoe Bend there is no railing and there are crevices where water has cut ridges in the edge making this a dangerous site especially for small children.

 There is no coming back from a serious mistake.

I didn't get close enough to the edge to get a good view of the entire bend as it is very large.

Although somewhat dangerous it is well worth seeing it as part of your trip to Page.

There are people with boats down there and I think they get a tour from a company just below the Lake Powell Dam.


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