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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 83 - Antelope Canyon, Navajo Nation, Arazona

I have wanted to come here to Antelope Canyon for the last year having read and seen pictures of it.

Last year it was just too far of my route to justify the cost of fuel to go in the class B camper.

This year the cost of fuel for my Prius Campervan is of no concern.

This is a national treasure although not a national park.  The tour guide took this panoramic photo was taken lengthwise to capture the opening in the canyon up to over my head.

This next picture is for Karen.  Remember last year I told you I had wanted to come,  well I am so glad I did and thought of you as they have camera tours that you spend extra time in the canyon with or without tripod.

My tour guides, both young Indian woman were excellent.  The first took the picture of me in Panoramic setting.  The second helped me with switching my cell camera to Chrome mode.

My tour group before heading down steep stairs.

The stairs to the depth of the canyon.

I was in wonder of the beauty in color variations and texture.

Each tour is different due to the angle of the sun.

The tour is $20.00 and a $8.00 Navajo land access fee.  Well worth the price.

Well, I too way more pictures but my blog is just a sample of what I do and not devoted to one place, so it's time to go back up.

Here is the crack we climb out of or fall back in if you are not careful.

I liked Arches National Park but I think I like it here better.  

It's getting time to find a place to park for the night.  I met a man waiting for my tour who sells chemicals to the coal fired power plant next door and he does sightseeing on his sales visits and he showed me a map of camping on Lake Powell, north of here so I will check it out.

I found the camping but there is no sign on US89 but my AllStays App got me there.  For my senior discount I paid $5.00 for the night.

My space for the night overlooking Lake Powell.  They have flush toilets with Charmin toilet paper.  Go figure best toilet paper yet.

You can park on the lake front but I backed off.

Yea, Prius with 6" clearance.  Not interested in getting stuck.

I left the rear curtains open last night so I could watch the view and wake to the sunrise.

Can life on the road get better than today?  Nope!