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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 92 - They Built It And I Went / Tending The Fields

I started my day off with shorts and tee shirt as it was 57 deg and headed towards 80 deg today.  Although yesterday afternoon was warm enough too it was just a long day of driving.

To celebrate the summer temps and no wind I went and played disc golf for the first time in awhile.

This park course was just 10 miles north of the hotel I stayed at and in the direction of my next stop way up the road.

I was thrilled with my game after being idle for such a long time..  Although this course isn't big or have long open drives it is tight and challenging like this water hazard on the fifth hole.

After a brief stop at McDonalds it was over an hour north to the site of where they fillmed "The Field Of Dreams" in Dyersville, Iowa.

(Photo of display)

Anyone that loves baseball will remember the movie and the saying "If you build it they will come." 

This location is out in the cornfields and the house and field are as they were for the 1989 movie.

I went to the small gift shop and asked if there was a cost for admission and the woman said no.  So I wondered over to the field and reminisced about the movie an nostalgia of the game of baseball.

This lone display panel contains some of the history.

I was the only one visiting at the time having passed a Class C camper coming out as I drove in.

This panel also has information about the owners of the property.

As you probably know by now I love farms and have s great deal of respect for farmers and their families.  Their passion and dedication is what makes the world go around.

We as a society are too removed from the food we eat.

Spring is here and all the corn farmers are tilling their fields, turning over the bottom stubs of the corn stalks into the earth to get ready for the new planting. 

They are also fertilizing the fields.  Some with ammonium nitrate and others with cow dung with the smell of the freshly spread manure permanating the air as you drive the countryside.

Making my way to McHenry, Illinois tonight to visit my aunt.  I visited her last year too on my way home.

My drive now took me through Dubuque, Iowa across the Mississippi River.  You can see the bridge in the distance. 

Going over the bridge Dubuque is off to my left.

On the right the great Mississippi heads south on the right.

Following US 20 that heads all the home to Massachusetts I go through this very picturesque town of Galena, Illinois.

I didn't have time to stop but want to go back.  These Victorian houses are only a samplebofvyge wonderfully preserved architecture that this town wher President Ulysses  S Grant lived.

At just over 3 hours from The Field Of Dreams I arrived in McHenry for my long awaited visit.