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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 84 - Part 4 - Monument Valley

Still on Day 84.  I traveled across Navajo Land in Northern AZ to Monument Valley.  I have been here before but it was on the way and has some great views.

I got to the Navajo Toll Booth at Monument Valley to the park and showed them my Navajo pass from this am at Upper Antelope Canyon but they don't accept it so I paid $20.00 to get in.

I said to the woman that I would have thought the Navajo Nation fee to be good at the nation and se said they each set their own rates at each place.  So my words its more like a park pass vs a Navajo Nation use fee.

I checked out a truck tour but it was $70.00 and since you basically drive the same route, I just drove it.  I couldn't see the value in the $70.00.  

It's kind of strange they have a booth but some guy says talk to this guy standing by himself with a cell phone to his ear.  I walk to the booth and he follows.  Now at the booth I ask the woman, with this guy next to me, are you two in competition?  I got no from both.  Strange!  With no prices listed I asked and they both talked.  Well the guy explained the two route options I gather they are priced differently.  The woman said the price.  I felt uncomfortable as if I was in Tijuana, Mexico when negotiating the price of a leather bag.  I was polite and said I didn't have the time for a tour and drove it myself.  

I like clearly posted options and prices like at both Antelope Canyons.

My Prius has been on some rough roads and this was one of them.  Always have to think about clearance.

The Mitten

The Three Sisters.  This view would be better in the am.

I'm about half way around this 1.5 hr drive.  I am just picking some pictures to show.

You can tell from the shadows I am at about 4:00 pm.

Western movies were filmed here for the views.

They don't allow general hiking here which would be fun.

With my tour of Monument Valley done it was getting late and I need to find a campsite for the night.


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