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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 41 - Eureka, CA / Redwoods

Morning brought another day of blue sky's and some fog off in the distance

First thing I go for my shower.

I had to feed the shower.  I got by with 5 minutes.  The shower is typical for a state or county campground.  It could be spruced up better and clean the lights overhead from the webs and bugs too.

There was only one tenter in the campground.

Here is the town across the bay this morning.

The Coadt Guard was going out after dark last night.  Here is what their boat looks like.

The vistas heading north are worth the stops on the way to enjoy as many as you can.

The views change but not the pleasure to the eye.

The exposed large rocks make for great diversity in the scenery.

As I wind my way past large and small bays and up and down hills I found these 3 cattle walking on the side of the road.  They gave me no mind.  I'm glad as they probably weigh the same as my Prius.

They are not the only things to look out for on the narrow winding roads.  Signs along the way point out that drivers need to look out for bikers.  With switchbacks and narrow roads you could come around a corner and not see a stalled car in the road until it is too late to stop.  I let many people pass me.

From time to time I pass through very small towns with a general store some small hotels and sometime resorts.

Cell coverage was nonexistent for many of the miles on my way to Eureka, but there was enough traffic to make the route well traveled.

I stopped in Fort Bragg at McDonalds for a break and internet,  the break was good but the Internet was the worse at McDonalds so far on this trip.  I left with little downloaded.

Eventually the PCH (CA 1) leaves the coast to meet up with US 101.  It is up and down steep hills making sharp turns on the way up and down.  It made for a tedious drive.  I would pull over for cars begind me as pullouts on the side of the road came up.

Through the mountains there were a lot of very large trees and rock slides.

Eventually I met up with US 101 headed back to the coast and Eureka.  On the right of the road is a very large landslide that covered the climbing lane.

(Wiki photo)

Where CA 1 & US 101 meet is a tourist attraction from long ago.  I pass on going to this.

(Wiki photo)

Another tourist stop is this treehouse.  I pass this tourist stop too.

(One log House web photo)

I paused to look at this log house on the side of the road but missed taking my own photo.

The old road left by the US 101 bypass is called the avenue of the gods for the great stands of Redwood Trees.

It was worth the extra time to take the old road.

My selfie with this cross section of redwood at a state park visitor center I passed.

My camping spot for the night is this county csmpground on the island across from down town Eureka.

I left at 8:00 am and stopped for the night at this campground at 4:30.  Overall I would say I had a 7 hour drive for the day.

The view of the protected harbor is not as impressive as it was last night.

Tomorrow I need to get going early again as I need to finish the CA coast tomorrow as rain is coming in Tomorrow night up here.  I want to be heading south Friday am.


  1. That tree house is awesome! And you're getting good at using the selfie-stick :)

    1. The selfie stick works great. I just need to remember to use it

  2. That tree house is awesome! And you're getting good at using the selfie-stick :)