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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 37 - 6000+ miles / Flea Market / Carmel By The Sea Stroll

I have driven over 6200 miles on this trip with the Prius and I am averaging 50.8 miles per gallon.  That is great considering when I am not staying with people I have the prius provide electricity to power my fridge, heat hot water in a 12 volt pot, power my laptop/TV with amplified antenna, iphone,  iPad, and from time to time charge my razor and power hair clippers.

I have done all this with my Prius on $259.40 in gas costs.

This is compared to the same time last year with my Class B Campervan of $1415.99

This year I haven't felt like I should stay put to conserve fuel, so I have felt free to be out exploring anything and everything.  That is even going back to a place again if I like it.  Last year I avoided backtracking and side trips due the escalating fuel costs.

Yes I am benifitting from lower gas prices this year but I still wouldn't have wanted to spend today's gas prices again on the Campervan.  

I am also pleased to have reduced my carbon footprint too.  

They are kind of two extremes to compare, but I'm happy with the results.


(Web photo)

After all of us taking the youngest granddaughter to a gymnastics we decided to go to the flea market at the county fair grounds.

(Web photo)

It isn't a large flea market and I doubt I would go back again, but there was one vendor that was selling a sheathed knife that is identical to the one I have.  I did learn that my knife was made by Western  Knife company.

Late afternoon we went for a stroll to Carmel By The Sea first heading down Ocean Ave to the Pacific Ocean just before sunset.

We then walked up town to The Cheese Shop we went to the other day for some more cheese.  When we returned home we snacked on the cheese.

Here are flowers I found growing on a fence on Ocean Ave.


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