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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 40 - Moving On / First Night in Campground

After a nice brunch in Pacific Grove at the Victorian Corner Restaurant, I headed out to continue on my solo travels.

I am often asked where I am going next and most of the time I have a concept but no specific stopping point.  I like it this way as it offers the ability to arrive somewhere and just make it home for the night.  

My compass direction is north taking advantage of the very nice weather on the west coast, thanks to the Polar Vertex in the eastern half of the U.S.  Here is Oakland, CA off to the right of I880.

Then over the I580 $5.00 toll bridge to San Quentin, CA

A drive through San Rafael and on to the coast highway.  This is my destination for now.

(2014 Travels Photo)

I have driven all of the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway other than the section north of San Francisco.  Last year I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge having driven the PCH from Monteray to it.  Now I will pick it up going north.

Heading over the mountains to the coast you drive through large stands of trees.  I saw a state park campground by I wanted a coast view.

The PCH is very narrow and winding in many places but beautiful to see as long as you keep your eyes on the road.

Here is my csmpground for the night with a very nice beach across the street.

I just saw this ocean view campground and decided to make it mine for the night for $30.00.

A look in the other direction

My campsite 

Camping in small pods all along the access road.  Beach is to the right.  Most camping have RV's

After dinner the U.S. Coast Guard was headed out.  They are right next to my campsite. They played Taps over their loudspeakers at 18:00.

On the other side of this spit we are on is Bodega Bay & the town there.

The sun is now over the hill so it's getting dark and time to work on filing taxes.  I have been working on them during the trip but had more data to update my Turbo Tax Software.

I just need a few things to be checked and I am ready to electronically file.

 Ground flower here closing for the night.


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