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Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 32 - Disc Golf & Pacific Grove

Today was cooler with ocean effect cool wind near the ocean.  It was in the low 60's at the house but a short drive inland to the Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course brought temperatures in the high 60's.

This golf course is on the landing flight line for the Monterey Airport, which brings flights over the course often.

I played the second half of the double 18 hole course.  I played the front half last December when I last visited.

Above you can see the 24th hole fairway with long open slope.  Unfortunately I had  to take 15 minutes looking invrhectall grass for my disc.

In the picture above there is a wooded area where the first 18 holes play through making it a challenge.

This plant had thorns and caused me a few pokes walking through the field.

Prerie dog holes are everywhere and you need to be sure to watch where you step.

This guy was watching me play.

My game was ok for not having played for some time.  It was just nice to be out in the sun.

After playing disc golf I decided to take a ride to Pacific Grove, that took me through Monterey.

Looking over the hill towards Pebble Beach you can see the marine layer clouds along the coast.

The TV had a report on this am that said the weather was the best for the PGA Tournament in a long time.  Today would have been a different story.

Here looking at Monterey Bay the clouds sit off shore still.

Pacific Grove had their farmers market today so I decided to stop for a visit.

Although the market was not a large market it had a veriety.

They had five or six food vendors with one selling fish tacos.  I decided to try one.  It was excellent.

Here is an example of one of the larger cottages in Pacific Grove.

More typical are single story cottages.

The various colors make the neighborhood colorful.

All have very small yards so on-street parking becomes the everyday norm for those that live there.

Here is my flower picture of the day.


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