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Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 36 - A Closer Look At Monterey

We decided to check out a couple of Monterey's museums today.  The first one was the Museum of Monterey (MOM) in Old Monterey.  The day started out overcast and 54 degrees.

I parked a block and a half away where I parked street side in a 2 hour spot.  A bit closer they have 1 hour street side , and adjacent to the Old Monterey there is a paid parking garage if you choose.

(Web photo)

The museum opened at 10:00 and we were there for when it opened and there is no admission but the take donations.

The first floor has a gift shop and a gallery.  In the center of the gallery is an ornate cart from the island of Sicily.  

(Web photo)

On the far end is the mechanism for the light of a lighthouse that extends into the second floor.

The rest of the area was devoted to local sketches and paintings.  There was more empty space than items on display and it didn't seem very coheasive.

The second floor was very well laid out and coheasive to the marine life that Monterey was linked to until the sardines were depleted and canning ceased.

The picture above provides examples of the canning industry.

There was some Millitary items related to government control of Monterey.  In a separate room on the second floor there was an exhibit of Chinese cut paper artwork.

Our next stop was The Presidio of Monterey Museum only a few blocks away.  On an active Millitary establishment that is used as a language school. The road into the Presidio Museum uses a separate entrance so you don't have to go through security.

By the time we got here you can see the sun came out leaving us with bright blue skies and temperatures in the 60's.

We were met by a man who was once stationed at the Presidio.
Presidio Museum interior with cavalry horse exhibit
(Web photo)

This museum takes you through the control of Monterey, that once was the capital of California.

We learned something that I never remembering learning in school that this territory of California was taken over by Argentina for 14 days.

We all knew that California was under the control of Spain, then when Mexico gained its Independance from Spain California was now under Mexican control.  Lastly, the United States took California from Mexico during the war with them.

Now I learn that in 1818 Argentina took Monterey by force from the Spanish for 14 days before leaving.

Here is a link to the whole story of this French Explorer captaining this Argentine naval  force.

This is s small museum with an interesting piece of history.  In 1936 a soldier was given film and a camera to chronical life in the cavalry that were stationed there.

We were told that many that visit the museum purchase the DVD to search for any footage of their family member that were stationed here at the time.

On the hill overlooking the museum is a monent to the solders who served there. 

At this spot was the highest point of defence for the fort.  Lower down the hill were the earlier fort positions.

From this spot they could see the entire Monterey Bay.  Of course there were no trees to obstruct the view in those days.

The inner harbor area.  Where Fisherman's Warf is located.

After the Presidio Museum we went to lunch downtown adjacent to Old Town.  We at at Alvarado Street Brewery.  Today was Fish Taco for lunch and the service was very good and the food was the best.  

Some wild flowers I came upon today.


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