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Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 22 - Going to Get Oil Changed in Prius and Then......Crash

My day started off as usual with early rising as my body just doesn't like adjusting to time zone changes.  So I took off for the local McDonalds for tea and downloads and I saw the "bicycle guy" who I wrote about last year.  He was working on his computer.  I waved but I don't think he tempered me from the few times we spoke a year ago.

The service department at Precision Toyota opens at 7 so I left in time for arrival just after then.  I'll paint the picture now in that it was still fully dark and I was following the GPS turn-by-turn instructions. The GPS said be in one of the two left turn lanes so I turned into what I thought was the lane and big bounce and I knew I blew the tire.

Here is the aerial view:

I am driving left to right like the arrows I drew and what I didn't see was there was a turn lane protector with no signage so when I turned to get into the turn lane I hit the curb.  I stopped where the red pin drop is.  A case of not seeing the jutted out curb and I ran into it.

As I said I immediately knew I blew the tire.  Big hole!  I wasn't thinking camera but I'm in the middle of the road get help!  I called AAA and after 50 questions I got a 40 min estimate.  In about 5 more minutes Tucson PD pulled in with lights to protect me (Thank You) and 10 more minutes I was on my way to Precision Toyota, now only 2.5 miles away.  Wish I had taken a picture of the tire but I was in damage control mode

The damage. 

Front drivers side tire blown out
Front hub cap gone for ever - Glad it didn't hit someone. 
Dent front alloy rim - rim looks still round but not nice like it should be -  hope I don't have to replace $$$
Rear drivers side tire scuffed but ok
Rear hubcap gone-  yikes can you imagine two coming at you!
Scuff in rear alloy rim

So can't replace one tire so need 2. The dealer has 3 but 2 are held for customer.  The parts dept orders two more and I get 2 from inventory $316.00

Decided on front end alignment - I have 11K miles still to go on trip and don't need problems - hope all linkages are ok or more than $79.95

Oh yes I was coming in for oil change & tire/s rotated so do that $67.03 for oil & $24.95 tire rotation.

Estimate $487.93 before taxes and fees

Estimated to be done around 1:30 - I was offered a shuttle ride but I hunkered down for the long haul here in the waiting room.

What I learned
- Look for unmarked curbs.  
Prius has a low ground clearance to begin with and there is not much room for error there. The poor wrecker guy had a heck of a time trying to get underneath to hook it for the ramp truck.
- The wrecker guy said put it in neutral ok but I have to leave the engine on because the prius automatically goes into park when you turn it off so I needed to wait for the cables to start lifting to take my foot off the brake and then he lifted it.

The good - no one was hurt - cars can be fixed.
I'm glad I was not out in the boonies without cell service.
Very glad to have AAA. It worked well.  AAA have their own service center and the driver suggested I may consider them.  I opted for the Toyota dealer.  They can get the right parts and I am good with the expertise, although only a few dollars higher.

The work was done on time and with taxes and fees it cost $530.  Rims were ok and no under carrage damage.  The alignment was a little off.

This is not all a problem as I was going to replace all 4 tires when I get back.  I was also planning a front end alignment for the new tires.  I guess I got some of it done early.

I was grubby having a need for a shower and shave and I was hungry too.  I headed out for the shower at the Pilot truck stop first.

With shower and shave behind me I was off to Food City to get some groceries.  To the park down the street I went and grabbed a picnic table and made a kind of fish wrap. Cleaned up and then tackle the mess from the Toyota Service Dept who had to get my spare out of my "house" to put on the Prius to get it into the service bay.

Well, the Prius got packed using "every cubic inch".  The did the best they could and I needed to pull out all the trunk and redo it.  This is not a bad exercise as I made a mental list of what I plan shipping home when I get to son Clayton's house in Monterey to better utilize space.

After dinner I met up with the two Vandweller friends at the casino parking lot.  We caught up on what we did during the day.

We all leave for different places during the day and come back for the night along with others.

The day ended with a wonderful sunset.

Tomorrow?  Haven't decided yet.



  1. Bummer about the tire!! (I am finally getting caught up on your blog :)

  2. Bummer about the tire!! (I am finally getting caught up on your blog :)