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Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 28 - Decided to go to Joshua Tree

I left my overnight desert spot and went to McDonalds in Blythe on the other side of the river in California as I did yesterday.  After I got there I decided to change my plans when I contemplated going back to the desert to hang out for the day by myself.  

Although having some solitude yesterday in the desert was interesting and a nice change I was bored and just didn't want to sit by myself a second day - all day.  

What also helped with my decision was that I had a 9.5 hour drive tomorrow without stops to Monterey and moving in that sueection today would help with the drivebtomorrow,

With a decision to do something different today it didn't come to me until I was driving around Blythe to check it out.  Being on the Colorado River it is flat and has many farms as seen in the picture above.

Then it came to me to go to Joshua Tree for the day and then put a few more miles on before stopping for the night.

When I entered Jodhua Tree all I had to do is show my Senior Natiobal Oark a pass to get in.  That saved $15 today.

I stopped at a number of sites sling the drive.  This is the Cholla Cactus Garden,

Coming in from the south this is the first Joshua Tree I saw.

I made lunch at this rock formation.

I had the picnic area all to myself.

While eating lunch I caught this woodpecker working on this Joshua Tree.

A lot more scenery before leaving the park.

As I made my way to i10 from 29 Palms I could see a lot of windmills in the pass that leads west to LA.

I decided to settle for the night near the highway (I10) at a casino.  Before heading there I walked around this very large outlet mall with lots of tourists

When I was done I went to the casino and played slots and had an ice cream before turning in for the night.

Wish it was Ben & Jerry's but it wasn't

Tomorrow it's Monterey & Family time.


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