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Monday, January 27, 2014

What's For Dinner

My wife has always had to plan dinners and she does a great job if it.  She is also a excellent cook.  I knew this trip would be somewhat of a challenge for me with regard to food planning a preparation.  I just don't feel that my time is well spent putting much time into cooking.

I have found that once I get to the campground around 4 or 5 pm I don't have much motivation to go back out again to scavenge food.  I also don't have plans to go out to eat more than a couple days a week as this increases my overall trip costs and I feel I am missing the experience that I was looking for in this trip.

I have been doing well to think about this issue so far.  It is normally not that far to find food, but in the case of the Everglades you don't bring it you go without.

I remembered that I needed to stop for food for the night last night.  I had some food to get buy with, but I am interested in a well balanced diet so chicken was on my food plan.  I ran into what all single people run into and that is packaged portions. They are too big.  I really don't have pans to cook 2 at a time due to size constraints of cabinets.  If I buy 2 packaged chicken breasts it is about 4 meals and the food would spoil before I would use it.  The cost was also about $8.00.  Steaks.are the same issue.  Well I decided on the preroasted chicken for $6.99 and this is 3-4 meals but after deboneing it will bag nicely and will make for a sandwich.  The bag of salad I bought the other day at Walmart had one more meal in it totaling 4 meals.  

The small can of Bush beans I had Saturday was too large and the trip to Winn Dixie tonight found smaller replacements.

t will take time for me to plan around portion size, waste, and variety.  I just don't want to eat the same food every night except green salad.  Fish products seem to be the way to go to purchase portions to size, unless I find a butcher shop in every town.

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  1. 100% with you on this one Chief. It is so frustrating to have to buy family-style quantities of food. Here are a couple of ideas for you -- one related to the problem you note above and another I am giving your for free. Working out the details on the second idea will give you something to do to fill your copious spare time. Haha. :)

    1.) Found a company called, "Single Portions." Obviously the intent is simply to add small portion packaging to the shelves of the supermarket.

    2.) It has been so cold here that I had this idea while freezing on the chairlift at Mount Wachusett the other day. Invent gloves with heaters in them that have the batteries charged by a photovoltaic fabric incorporated into the surface of the glove. Yeah you may have to charge them with a plug sometimes but so what. Sunsational idea or what?