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Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 11 - Monday 1/27/14 - "The Ringling" Visit

"The Ringling" is the site of John and Mable Ringling family home in Sarasota, FL.  The site comprises of a circus museum,  the historical Ringling home/gardens and an exquisite art museum.  The any one is worth the $25 entrance fee.  

My wife reminded me that we had visited the site some years ago although she had to jog my memory I can't understand why such a beautiful place would not have taken precidence or should I say prominence in my mind.  I was perfictly thrilled to spend the time to roam as I saw fit with my time.  I took the free tours listening intently and I was best moved by the circus museum, having seen opulence before such as the house offered and I have seen many fine art museums.  

There are those things in life that tug at years gone by that were, at least in ones mind, better times.  The circus museum I'd this for me.  

Growing up in the center of town meant as a kid you knew as soon as the circus would arrive every summer.  Why was this important? None of us had money to spend on tickets, but we knew that if we were chosen to help set up we would get a free ticket to the show.  How could a kid ask for more.  

When old and large enough I would be allow to stand with the others that wre the same and wait for a man with a mistique you stood in amazement.  Nothing they asked us to do was a problem.  The older boys got to work on putting up the big top where younger kids would carry water for the animals.  What kid in the neighborhood didn't have thoughts of grandjure of being in the circus one day.

The memories of these summer days of freedom as kids to roam the neighborhood to eat crackers from the barrel at the cracker factory and just be home for dinner at 5 pm or feel the rath.

There was one year that I was older and working on putting up the tent buy getting on the large center tent poles and being directed to lift them into place.  Dam they were heavy!  The men that drove the metal tent stakes had arms the size of some legs.  

Well, I was approached by two older circus kids and they told me I looked just like one of the other kids with them on the circus. Eventually they brought him back and it was like both of us looking into a mirror.  I think we could swap and get away with it.  We agreed how fun it would be to try. Of course we didn't or did we?

We never met again but this and other memories are embossed into my mind.  The visit to the circus museum tripped these euphoric feelings I have inside.  They are feelings that I am sure you have about something you experienced growing up. 

What is yours?

My sister Pat 3 years my senior also has vivid memories of the circus coming to town.  A number of years ago she went to an auction in town and bought some local paintings of the circus. I'm glad she got them as they are beautiful to look at and remember the good old days.  

The circus would set up behind the Elementary School including the Babe Ruth Field.  This was directly across from our house as kids at 6 Academy.

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