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Monday, January 20, 2014

Days 2 & 3

woke up Day 2 sleeping in my camper. This was my first night sleeping in it.  It was in the 20's overnight and I was plugged in to Brent's house getting heat & electricity.  The heat came from the the roof HVAC heat pump.  It kept up with the cold ok, but as the temps go down less heat can be extracted from the air.

Days 2 & 3 were filled with family time.  Day 2, Saturday was granddaughter Avery's & my mom's birthday.  Our day started with errands to get ready for the afternoon/evening party.  Avery's first haircut at Cartoon Cuts was a real joy.

Day 2 night was my second night staying in the camper and it was the coldest at about 19 degrees and the heat pump couldn't get the camper above 50 degrees.  I plugged a small ceramic heater I brought in place of the heat pump but it was not working well,  so I just bundled up and made it through ok.

To digress a bit, I never had time to try out/set up the built in propane heater before I left, but it wouldn't had been usable as Brent's driveway is on a significant incline  that the heater would not work correctly.

So, Sunday I went to Walmart for a new ceramic heater for Sunday night,  although not quite as cold the small ceramic heater did it's job and kept the camper about 70 deg.  

Sunday we went back to the mall to Picture People to have Avery's 2 year old pictures taken.  Then watching the Patriots loose and on the way to dinner at Red Robin a stop for the parents to Urgent Care with Avery for possible ear infection. We got dinner & parents took Avery home & had party leftovers.

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