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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 12 - Tuesday 1/28/14 - Finally Disc Golf

Boy am I rusty throwing discs. 

Brent II asked me to get in a round of disc golf near his house in MD a week ago Monday and I was torn between wanting to play and get ahead if the incoming weather without having to drive way into the night.  I chose to get moving  and not start to get my arm I shape.

Heading back to Leesburg and it being 80 degrees (sorry about the temp reference to those at home but you know I like it warm) I picked a disc golf course along the way called the Quarry Disc Golf Course in Brooksville, FL.

This was a first to play among the ball golf players.  I thought the ball golfers would not be very accepting of my presence.  I gave priority to them if they tee'd before me.  If I tee'd first I would scoot right along to get out of there way. Most had no clue of disc golf and thought the fixed baskets were part of the sprinkler system.  Got my mouth to turn up on both ends.

I like to play my game fast when playing by myself,  so waiting a few minutes was odd but gave me time to check email.  I also like listening to music as I play and I didn't do this as I didn't want to be a distraction.

This is a 9 hole course that you can play twice for $5.  As the name indicates the course is on an old quarry (limestone).

There are some bigger carved out spaces that my disc found home in that needed retrieving and climbing like a mountain goat.

I played poorly as I had no practice throws before the first tee but I was outside, it was warm, people were friendly to me and I was having fun.

I played 9 holes then skipped around to a few holes with no ball golfers on them.  I knew my arm was done for the day when my last throw went way left over a 10 ft high chain link fence into a residential street side.  I went to the fence to see if anyone was outside that my give me a hand to toss it back, but there was none, so I gps'd the location and when back to the camper plugged it in and drove over to get it.

More disc golf is in my future!

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