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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mayor of Meadowridge Landing

Mike is the proclaimed Mayor for Meadowridge Landing housing development.  He got this title as he is retired and is around most of the time and helps others to keep busy.  As the Mayor he also takes on the dubious role of overseeing cleaning the dog poo dropbox in the common area for the the development's organization.  

Mike lives diagonally from our son Brent's house and Brent was out talking to him on the street on this (today) warm 50 degree day.  Although the warm temps Mike was bundled up with hooded sweatshirt over his head sporting a baseball hat under the hood.  On top of the sweatshirt he had a medium weight jacket on.  He was wearing bifocals with a plastic sun shield hung on the inside of his frames.  What he was wearing was more fitting to yesterday morning's 20 degree temps.

You can tell by the way Mike talks he loves to help his neighbors when not helping his wife who is also retired and has mobility issues.  Today the Mayor was looking to visit a neighbor who doesn't get out much to enjoy today's warmth before tomorrow's snow and well below freezing temps.  A testimony of his helpfulness, the "Maror" recently shoveled snow from Brent II's
drive and walk while they were visiting us in MA.  

All communities could use a Mayor!

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  1. Ahh a mention of the Mayor! You are close on the dog poo duty. He just oversees it and makes sure the company in charge of servicing the dog stations do their job. They had become lax on doing that in the past and it caused quite the stink in that area.