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Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 8 - 1/24 travel & visit

Here is my postcard to all from West Palm Beach.

Today I left Leesburg, mom and aunt to head south to visit cousin Joan.  It was cloudy in Leesburg as another cold front was passing south.  I drove the Florida Turnpike all the way from Leesburg to West Palm Beach. With the exit less than one mile from Joan.  On the way down I drove back through the warm side of the front and got into clear sky.  When I arrived after my 3 hour ride it was just about the high temperature for the day of 70.

Joan and I visited all afternoon talking about the MacAloney Family.  Then some dinner and more visiting.  

On the way down the SunPass did not work and I got the red light and a photo of my license plate.  I will have to call them as I bought the tag & registered it and put $25 on it.  Sometimes I think it is only me but the SunPass system has a number of flaws to it.  The instructions said to wait to use it until the day after the day you register.  I registered it on Wednesday and used it on Friday.  

I will see if I can have the photographed billing added to my pass so a bill isn't sent home when I am not there.

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