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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lodge Factory Store - South Pittsburgh, TN

Located in South Pittsburgh, TN the Lodge Factory Store is about 15 miles north of the SE GTG in Stevenson, AL. 

With it this close and I've driven buy it a few times, it was time to stop in.

Here is a link to the list of the products they make.

When I entered the store the first thing noticed was how well the space was utilized and how nicely products were set up.

I know many vandwellers that utilize cast iron cookware, but I doubt that they use Lodge based on the prices I see at the factory store.  The quality of the finished cast pieces is exceptional and it appears that they have a following for products that should last a few lifetimes.

It was fun to browse the store and the cast iron cookware and other cooking products.  As a Prius dweller, I carry a small lightweight cook set with folding handles.  Cast iron is not in my future.


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