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Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 95 & 96 4/6,7/17 - MC Henry, IL

I spent 3 nights at my aunt's in McHenry, IL, arriving Thursday pm and heading to my next stop on Sunday. 

On Friday I went to the McHenry Public Library and filed my Federal and State Income Taxes, while she volunteered for for an hour.

Visiting this library also comes with the ability to book swap or just take a book from the exchange to read.

(Above-Google Online Image)

Friday night my aunt took me out to eat at the McHenry Country Club, where she is s member, and everyone knows her name.  

In the afternoon I joined her while she took her golf clubs out for the season and hitting some balls in the driving range.  She had thought she would have played a couple of holes but the wind was now about a steady 20 mph.

Saturday was another nice warm day but windy from the south in front of the weather front approaching from the west.

In the morning we worked on picking up yard waste and taking it to the town's collection point as we did last year when I visited.

(Above-Google Online Image)

Saturday evening it was my turn to take my aunt out to eat at a place we both enjoy going to, Halftime Bar & Grill.  

We both enjoy their thin crust pizza.

It was back to her house and a game of Scrabble.  She won last night and tonight I won.  

Tomorrow I'm on my way south to AL to the SE GTG.


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