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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 93 4/4/17 - Oklahoma City to Hannibal, MO

Having spent two nights in OKC it's time to move on to my next stop 533 miles away in Hanabal, MO on the Mississippi River in Northeast MO.

It's another 500+ mile day of driving over 8 hours, but I'm rested having had a day off from driving yesterday.

I lucked out a bit with the weather, with the weather front bringing in dry air behind it to allow me the opportunity to drive most of the day with no rain.

I finally caught up to the rain as I approached eastern MO.  If you look closely at the map above, there are watch areas outlined in yellow that show floor risk areas.

My plan for the night was to stay on the Mississippi River and cook dinner, but with the flood risk I decided to seek higher ground in Hanabal to park for the night.  I have been to Hanabal in prior years so I have a good idea of my primary and backup parking places.

Here I am in Hanabal, MO in front of the visitors center for Mark Twain's history walk to area buildings.

Across from the Visitors Center is Mark Tesini Brewing Company and pub.  My long day of driving deserved a break and I decided in beer and burger. 

Above the LCD screen highlights the brews for sale.

Above I decide on this Kolsch beer that is brewed here.

The beer went well with this smokehouse burger with a side of coleslaw. 

The beer was good as well was the burger.  It bought me time for it to start getting dark in preparation for a night of stealth.  Of course the rain that had now turned heavy, with high winds rocked my car well into the night.

Tomorrow the weather is expected to be better for my drive to my aunt's house in Mc Henry, IL.



  1. Hi, Enjoy reading about the travels, but also the Prius camping aspect. Where did you select for stealth camping? Any new insights now after doing stealth for two years?

    1. Johnny,

      Thanks for the follow.

      In the Hannibal area there are a few good places.

      1. I like the conservation area 15 miles south in Ashburn on the Mississippi but it had flood warnings. Of course this I see not stealth.

      2. 10 miles south is a trailhead that allows camping in the parking lot. This was a choice but obviously not stealth.

      3. I ended up stealthing at the Walmart, choosing to park with other cars left that evening. Closer to the gas station. It appeared that people use this area for ride sharing.

      When I woke up there were no cars near the store and I was just one of the scattered cars and I leave befor the sun rises.

      There were some streetside commercial area parking but Walmart provided the best solution and no noise.

      I often choose the designated overnight spots but the weather being bad and wanting to go into town I chose the closest simplest solution, knowing that I always have a backup if I need to change plans.

      I've learned to blend in when stealthing. I park and slide into the back without getting out of the car. I get to my destination after dark and leave before first sun. Picking a spot where there are other cars parked makes a car blend it well.