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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 91 & 92 4/2 & 3/17 - Oklahoma City

I left Amarillo, TX early headed east on I40 to Oklahoma City.  Texas has many windmills. 

A great morning sunrise met me on my way.

I met a new vandweller planning to convert her car for travels.  She contacted me after reading my blog and had many questions and limited funds.  Since I was planning to travel through OKC I offered to stop and assist with her planning.

She took me to see the Centennial Land Run Monument (AKA OK Land Rush)

The sculptured figures are 1.5 times life size.  The sculpture above is the canon shot to start the rush.

Real life events are depicted in the continuous sculptures.  There are many sculptures and the water crossing has hoof prints from the horses, the same way the horses would have left hoof prints in the rivers edge mud. 

Everyone in the land rush was given a stake with a flag to claim their plot of land.

The land rush park is located next to the section of the city called Bricktown. A canal was created and there are water taxis to shuttle people around.  There are shops and restaurants on the water level and street level above.  The Dodgers have a farm team in a vert nice ballpark.  Unfortunately opening day was Thursday 4/6, or I would have tried to attend.


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