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Friday, April 14, 2017

Day 102 4/13/17 - Back to SE GTG

After leaving my cousin's in Cartersville, GA I got the notice on my Prius dash that it was time for another oil change.  In fact, this will be my last oil change and tire rotation before arriving home in just under 2 weeks.

I was driving through Rome, GA on the way back over the mountains to the SE GTG in AL and decided to stop at the Rome Toyota Dealer. 

When I stop in for service, I tell the service representative that I am just passing through and I just need an oil change and tire rotation.  I explain that I live in my car and that checking the cabin air filter and 12 volt battery are inaccessible.

When I went out to pay for the work and pick up the car, I usually get a few questions about traveling and living in my Prius.  

Today was no different and the service Representive was noticeably interested in how I spend my 4 months driving around the US living in my Prius.  I gave him a brief description of my setup.  The cashier was listening and was also interested.

After leaving Rome I took my cousin's advise to stop and visit Paradise Garden in Summerville, GA. 

Paradise Garden is an oddity listed in Roadside America.  It is known for the Minister/owner who created art, much of it from trash from the adjacent town dump.

I will post a separate blog post for my visit to Paradise Garden.

I'm back at the GTG and since it is revolving people come and go leaving an average of about 12 to 16 people.  

With the temperature in the 80's each day and lows into the high 50's, it is time for a full-time screen on the rear passenger door, especially when sleeping at night.

The screen drastically keeps down overnight condensation as well as bugs. 

The SE GTG is very quiet with just a few people attending and with locals coming to this area for fishing and low level partying on weekends.  This is in comparison to the large number of people that trend the RTR in Quartzite, AZ and the schedule of events during the day.   

I like both gatherings and especially the contrast.


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