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Monday, February 5, 2018

Television For Truck Camper

Here I am in Tucson watching the Super Bowl Sunday on my TV.  I had this 12v TV in my Class B camper my first year of travels.  It was a gift from my oldest son and wife.  

It was too big for my Prius campervan design and as such traveling in a Prius means you want to spend as much time outside before you get in.

I’m neither big on football or television in general but I do like keeping up with news and weather.  In the evening I may put the TV on for the 10:00 pm news.

My solar system has no problem handling the extra draw here in the land of the sun.

This was the only place I could find to mount it and have it visible sitting or in the overhead bed.

My antenna broke so I hung a wire at the top of the camper and it worked here in the city.  The new TV antenna is a separate blog post.

Now to watch the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics Friday.


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