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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lower Bed / Recliner

My FWC lower bench camper seating/bed is shown above.  I feel very comfortable on this bed and it's the same size as my Prius bed for the last 3 years.

In my Prius I used the back of the passenger front seat for my inclined bed to sit in bed.  I wanted the same in my FWC camper, so I decided I would build an incline before I left on my 2018 Travels.

I had this repurposed piece of 1/4" plywood in my basement that would work well for my incline.  It slides under the bed and doesn't take up any room.

I prop the plywood on the head wall and my foam bed bends to match the incline.

Toss my pillows on it and I'm able lay inclined facing the TV to watch over the air television or a DVD from RedBox.

Comfort on the road.


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