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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New TV Antenna & Camper Mounting

I last left my TV antenna blogging as a stripped wire that I used to pick up TV in Tucson.

This worked ok in the city but that's not what will work in the desert.

First I needed to find a way to mount my magnetic base for my antenna to an all aluminum roof and rack on the FWC camper.

Above is a galvanized framing part I flattened in 3 sides and used one right angle side to the aluminum roof rack.

As with other mounts on the roof and frame, I use a 10-32 expansion nut.  I drill a hole in the 1" square aluminum rack frame and insert the expansion nut and use stainless steel 10-32 hex bolts I used to mount the solar panel to the roof, and bolted my steel bracket so Otis not higher than the roof rack

Here is my new TV antenna I got delivered in Tucson to an Amazon Lickbox. It is like the one that broke but less tall and wider.  It claims to have a better amplifier circuit too.

I needed to find a place out of the way to secure the antenna when it's not outside.  I had bought two of the galvanized framing bracket and flattened all sides and screwed it to the underside of the FWC cabinet.

You can see that the mounting base holder I had made for my Prius travels for the antenna fits the new antenna.  

The only difference is that the cutout for the antenna base is larger as the circuit on this new antenna is smaller

When I park with the rear of the camper to the TV towers I can mount the antenna base magnet on the steel step on the rear of the camper.

Left / right orientation I can use the steel clip that holds down the pop up camper roof.

The best way to get reception is to use my new mount on top of camper as it gives me height and adjustable angle to the station.

The cord on the new antenna is smaller and fits easier though the closed door jam until I find and install a porthole for the TV cable through the camper wall.

I use the above app to orientate my antenna to the towers.

I see my location with a wire circle with blue dot and orange arrow.  As I spin I can point the phone until it aligns to the antennas I want.

Now in this picture you can see the signal transmission area.  You just tap the TV icon in the app and it shows the signal area.  When I was in Havasu I was just off the lower edge and couldn’t get a signal when at the fireworks festival.

I then moved to another spot so I could get TV with my new antenna.

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