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Monday, February 12, 2018

Asian Market Shopping

Those that follow my travels in the past, you u know I use butane cylinders in my one-burner dual fuel butane/propane stove.

I generally buy my butane cylinders at Walmart, but they have been out at the Walmart I have been using.  So, I went to a Big 5 sporting goods store and bought one cylinder for $3.99.  At Walmart I pay $2.99 each.

Asian Markeys are known for selling butane cylinders for a low cost, so I went looking for an Asian Market.

In the photo above is the Giant-Stone Market in Tucson I found in my Google search.  After playing 18 baskets of disc golf before the high winds come in this afternoon, I headed over to the Asian market.

While browsing the store for the butane, I looked for noodles to cook in my rice cooker.  Above I bought some noodles and a package of rice pasta.

In the last isle I found the 4-Pack of butane cylinders for $4.99.  Such a deal!

For lunch I made some of the noodles I bought at the Asian Market in my rice cooker.  It’s so windy I cooked with the roof down at a local city park.  Today my solar panel supplied all 7 amps my rice cooker needed to cook my noodles.  That’s right my Lithium battery was already full and the solar panel supplied all the power not needing the battery.

The solar panel feeds my LiFePo4 solar charge controller and I have the circuit I connect my rice cooker to from the load connection on the solar charge controller, not to the battery.  This way I can use solar power directly from the solar panel and leave my LiFePo4 fully charged.  If I require more power than the solar panel supplies it will feed both from solar and battery.  Today was the first time all power cam from solar.


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