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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Salad Bowel Camper Sink

I wanted a sink in my camper, but I wanted it relatively small.  The previous owners did not have a sink and FWC does install one on some models, but not this shell.

I decided on a salad bowel sink for simplicity and cost.  I went to the local discount store and for a few dollars I bought a stainless steel bowel and drilled the sink tube hole.

The drill bit took a lot of abuse cutting through the stainless steel, but worked ok. 

The first tube I bought was the wrong one as it was designed with vent holes in the space between the upper and lower porcelain sink for the overflow.  Since I have no overflow I needed a solid drain without holes.

I needed to remove a number of the threads on the plastic drain tube by filling them off.  I needed to do this to shorten the length of the tube so I can put the waste storage tank on the shelf below and have the water flow directly in.

I used the standard pladtic drain fittings on the shorter tube and the assembly was too long considering the height of the tank and space available.

I tried right angle plastic pipe fittings and it was still too long.

I had one of these rubber hose adapters in my wood shop, so I cut it and found it worked perfectly to reduce the drain pipe to the pladtic fittings and shortened the drain on the sink.

I also added the right angle to the waste water tank and I was able to match the height of the sink to the tank and only needed to connect with a hose.

Here is my finished sink.  Since the bottom of the salad bowel is flat and the drain has a slight taper the stainless buckled in a couple of places.  This is not a problem as you use plumbers putty on the flange of the drain pipe before tightening.



  1. Chief,

    Clap ... clap ...clap.

    Great description.

    You should think about doing an ebook.

    1. Thanks John, I appreciate the feedback. Lots of design work goes into each aspect. One day it will be you