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Friday, February 2, 2018

Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge 2/1/18 - Day 25

Today is Thursday. 2/1/18 - Day 25.

I’ve move more east towards Tucson, AZ to The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge near Aravarca, AZ

Here on a ridge with views east and west are free campsites with no services.  

This land was once destroyed by over grazing the grasslands.  Although not restored to its pristine condition, it is a long way to a beautiful restored area.

The original ranch house is the visitor center and where I met a woman who volunteers here in the winter.  She was originally from Massachusetts/ Connecticut.  

Only one truck passed in the total time I was here.

I didn’t think it was setting up for a good sunset and I was surprised.

Coyotes barking and howling woke me at 3:00 am.

That was a first.


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