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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Camper Swinging Pipe Table

I didn’t invent the pipe table for campers.  I just applied the concept to my camper using my design concepts.

Above is my white PVC pipe holder.  The key is to match the PVC size with the size of the galvanized pipe you use to have a nice fit.

On the bottom of my PVC pipe is an end cap.  On the top is a double female union fitting to put two pipes together.  I ground out the bead in the center of it so I could slide it down on the PVC pipe all the way.

The reason for this is that I needed thickness to get the head of the screw to resess into the pipe so the galvanized pipe would not hit the screw head.  Thus the wall of the PVC pipe alone would be too thin to support the stresses of the table.

Not that is my 24 hour hot water tank tied to it.  I make hot water and store it in this excellent Thermos to have hot water for 2 days for washing.  The PVC pipe is a great place to secure the Thermos.

My cabinets are 18” tall.  The same height as the knee walls in the camper.  I have 2” of seat foam, so the height of your first pipe needs to be sized for this height requirement.  Then add a 90 deg elbow.

Yes you have to decide where to put the PVC pipe to align with other pieces and not be in the way.  Not the PVC is not higher than cabinets/seat.

Next you need to size the length of the horizontal pipe for swing and mounting the table top.  All this aligning of the PVC pipe and connections is the hardest part so you end up with what you want.  

On the end of the horizontal pipe is a street elbow.  

Note that I sized my table at 12” x 24” as a guess.   I also offset the flange oi put on the table that screws on to the horizontal pipe with street elbow.  

Here is what I ended up with.  I can swivel the table up to counter cabinets for extra counter space or just out of the way.

Here my bed is inclined and the table swings to be a bed or bedside table when watching TV or working on netbook.

My lower bed is also a bench so table can be swung so two people can eat off of it.  It’s tight for Space but better than no table.

The table top stores on the side of the bed boxes I made and just slides up and down as needed for removal and replacing.

The horizontal pipe is stored in the PVC pipe and the long vertical pipe is stored under the bed in a long box that comes with the camper.


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