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Monday, February 5, 2018

Expanded Room In Truck Camper Fridge

I purchased my Engel 17 compressor fridge for the first year of my travels back in 2014.

It’s the lower portion of the unit in the picture above.

The Engel model MT17 is a small compressor fridge that I initially used as a center console in my Coachman Class B Campervan.  I used this fridge over the 3-way fridge that camevwith the class B because of its efficacy and that it was the best on the market for low power consumption.  It also doesn’t have to be level to work correctly.  At the time I bought it I didn’t even know what I would use for my travel vehiclevthe first year.

Enter my 3 Prius years.  This small compressor fridge was a perfect size for it to fit under the rear privacy cover.  I couldn’t be happier with the fridge over the last 3 Prius years.

When I bought the FWC camper for my truck it came with a larger Engel fridge, Model MT27, and a two zone attachment on top to provide more space in the fridge.

I had plugged in the fridge that came with the camper, but it wasn’t until I was packing the camper for this year that I decided to test the model 27.  I didn’t find that it ran as well as the model 17, I have been using.  Although it would come down and hold the temperature, it took a long time, indicating that the compressor was not as strong as my model 17.

Because I plan on traveling and accessing the fridge with the camper top down, I could only access the fridge if I used the model 27 without the two-zone, orbthe model 27 with the two-zone.

My decision was clear.  I would put the two-zone on my model 17 for this years trip and deal with the model 27 when I get back.

So, above is the picture of my Engel Model 17 with the two-zone attached on top, as I travel today.

Above I open the two-zone top (model17 cover moved to the top).  As you can see I can get to the storage on top of the fridge.  This two-zone area is passive, as the cooling occurs below.  This space is great for drinks and salad items not needing the colder temps like meat.

In this picture above, I am able to access the colder Lowe section of the fridge with the roof down.

As with my prior year travels, I made a larger Reflectix cover for the fridge.  This cover saves about 20% of the energy to run, from my tests I conducted in my house. So far the camper does not get as hot as the Prius does sitting in the sun, which is a positive.  This is better for the fridge operation.

The extra space the two-zone gives me includes a place for 4 beers and salad items.  Last year I would keep one beer in it to leave room for food.

I am very happy with this two-zone add-on for my fridge That came with the camper and would recommend it to others that would like an additional temperature zone or more space.


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