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Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 99 - 4/25/14 St. Louis to Illinois

Good morning.  This is my starting point for the day.  Shower at 5:30 am and then to McDonalds across the highway for iced tea and downloads.  The speed of the internet was so good that I was able to update all my applications on both the IPad & iPhone, even the 200+ Mb files and the podcasts.

I decided sitting at McDonalds to go to the Anheuser-Busch Tour.

This photo is from the visitor center/company store.

This is the horse barn or should I say horse palace.

Another from horse building.

Horse stalls

The Busch Wagon

This is the brewery building.

Inside the brewery building.

As the sign says, Mash Tanks.

This mural wasin the brewery building but I don't have information about it, but it looks German.

Coming out of Brewery Building

Buildings in the over 100 acre Busch complex.

The bottling plant has these ceramic tiles along the ceiling.

More ceramic tiles.

This is a big family of beers.

Conveyor of beer bottles.

How bear cans are formed.

Ending up at the beer garden for a 16 oz. sample.

My choice was Shock Top Belgium White  it was already starting to be consumed.

Off to Gateway to the West Arch 2 miles down the street.

Many views of the arch.

I figured I would get the campervan in the picture.

I had to parallel park.  Glad to have the rear camera.

To get it out later I needed to turn around.  You may not see it but I am on a steep slant to the Mississippi River only a few feet away.  Turning required me use two feet to prevent rolling backwards into the river.

It was a nice spring day that warmed up from the 40's to the low 70's and I got to wear shorts for the afternoon.

Arch with trees.

Sunlight reflection 

Top of the arch.  I have been up inside before so I passed on doing this.  If you look closely you can see the observation windows up there.

Riverboat ride

Arch up close

Looking north

Seeming to come out of nowhere.

Another angle with reflection

I took this but don't have words

Looking west, downtown

Spring flowering tree with pond

More flowering trees

Off to Illinois to meet up with Carol.  She is a virtual aunt who lives outside of Chicago.  Will be there for Saturday.

I passed a lot of flat farmland. 

I was hungry for dinner so I stopped at an exit odd I39 for The Sun Rise Restaurant.

It was a good meal.  I had one of the specials.  It was chicken stirfry.  I got to go to the salad bar and have potato soup  for $8.99.  Iced tea for $1.95.

I walked out full for the price below.  Good and great price.

Tonight I stay here for the night.

P.S.  I forget to mention some things in my blog as I write around my pictures.  Yesterday while on RT66 a bald eagle swooped down and picked up road kill with it talons and carried it off.  It looked like a rabbit.  This all happened about 20 feet in front of the campervan.  I had to nearly stop to keep from hitting the eagle.

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