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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 83 4/9/14 Hike / Organize Camper / Post Office

Today was my last hike in the Tucson area.  I had signed up on for a hike this am but it was filled quickly and I was wait listed.  Although a few got pulled in from the wait list I was too far down the list to go.

Although there were 15 spots available for the hike only 12 went.  That meant that 3 did not show up and by not canceling there were 3 wait listed that didn't get to go.

Wednesday, April 9

8:00 am
 Wait list

The Tucson Hiking Meetup Group

Wednesday - Box Camp Trail #22 on Mt Lemmon.

15 Hiking Enthusiasts

I hadn't thought of when I first got here so I did a lot omf hiking by myself when I could have linked up with others for hikes.

In lieu of going on this hike I went back to Wasson Peak where I had been before.  It is easily accessable and not that far away to make for a relaymtivy short hike.

Tuesday it started warming up and the last two days were in the 90's.  I got to the trailhead by 7:00 to hike before the heat set in.

The trailhead parking only had two cars when I arrived.  I climbed to the top not seeing anyone for 2 hours.  I listen to the podcasts I download at my McDonalds stop before I head out.

I won't bore you with the same pictures from this trail again.

It was already warm when I started hiking.  By the time I reached the top it was hot up there and although there was a breeze it was warm.

There were two couples at the top.  One from the Tucson area and one from New Hampshire.

I could hear the local couple telling the NH couple that they saw a rattle snake on the path just down from the top.

We all started down about the same time and the local couple stopped to show them where they saw the rattle snake.  It was next to a rock that you step up to go up or step down going down.  So they felt lucky that they saw it going up because going down it would be hidden by the rock.

This is where the snakes were when I was climbing down Finger Rock Trail.  Lucky they were wandering Garder snake as u scared them and them me when I saw them.

The whole way down the trail today I could not get out of my head the rattle snake.  I was extra cautious of any rock I had to step over.  I felt lucky that I hadent seen one.

When I got bsck to the trailhead parking there were only 3 vehicles with my camper being one.  I guess it was just too hot today for many to hike.

It was hot and dry and it was my last hike as tomorrow (Thursday) I have some things to catch up on.  Friday I am on my way west.

Camper disheveled and other matters:

I decided to go to the park and organize the camper in a few areas.  I saw the Jehovah Whitness woman who had stopped to see me twice and decided to go greet her and ask her some questions about her always being at the park.  

I approached her and said hi and asked her about being a Jehovah Witness and found out she doesn't understand English very well.  I asked, "You come to the park everyday?"  She replied yes.

She started to tell me about meeting people that stop by here.  I saw her approach two young men earlier that quickly moved on.

She said that some come for water and if I got it right they use the water to clean up.  I am guessing they are homeless.  I have see a few homeless but not many.

Since we couldn't communicate very well I said goodbye and left for the Post Office.  I was hoping to find out about the woman and what she does and why the park everyday but that wasn't going to happen.

Denise had called me yesterday to see about the keys to the house on Cape Cod that she manages for Jim our Brittish friend that owns it.  I happened to have one of the sets to the house with me and I went to the Post Office and shipped them out.  With tracking and delivery on Friday, it cost $5.50.  I didn't think that was a bad price.

I stopped by Food City where I have been doing my shopping and went to Carmine's line.  Carmine is a 50 something woman who knows sea to be a lead checkout clerk.  She is always well dressed with makeup and her hair all in place.

I have gotten into the process speaking  to the clerks by the first name.  Carmine is Spanish American and know her customers and is speaking with the woman in front of me in Spanish.  She sees me and acknowledges me in English.  I say, "How are you today Carmine?" She replies that she is very well, and returns the congenial conversation with a comment about it bring a warm day.  I agreed. We parted by wishing each other a good evening.  She quickly switches to Spanish for the next person in line.

I have been trying an experiment by speaking with people I come across by name if they have a name tag and smile and wishing them a good day.  I am clearly the minority in the Food World and I could have been going to Walmart about a 1/2 mile west , where it is all English spoken at the checkout line.  My goal has been to get to know and understand the local people and it has worked.  Only one more day to visit this Food City and my experiment there before I move on.

Tomorrow I need to give the campervan a wash and see if I can fix the electrical door that I had a problem with the replacement from Camping World due to the replacement being just a little bit smaller.  I will go to a trailer place to see how I make out finding the right part.

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