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Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 92 - 4/18/14 Hike Down/Up Mt Soledad & Afternoon With Girls

Clayton lives at the top of Mt Soledad and it is 824 ft high.  While Clayton checked at Camp Pendleton, Denise and I hiked down to the center of La Jolla.

Here we had a small breakfast.

We then made our way back up getting back about the same time as Clayton, getting our hike in.

While on the hike I figured I would share the gas prices here in California.

I paid $4.15 when I filled the camper the other day, so shopping around is worth it.

It has been a couple of months since I made this hike the last time I was here.  This time I captured pictures of different flowers along the way.

The beauty made the hike a nice trip.

We stopped at REI for Clayton to check out roof rack systems for his Mazda 5 minivan.

Then on to lunch in Mission Valley near where they used to have their apartment at Buffalo Wild Wings.

There was a bounce house amusement area set up in the corner of the mall parking lot that caught our eyes.  We stopped here for the girls to get some energy out.  They had over a dozen inflatable amusements most with climbing and sliding. 

For Madison she was initially timid but eventually warmed up to the climb and height.

Taylor was fearless not hesitating about the climb and height.  The steps of some of the climbs required Taylor to lift her little legs up to her chest from one step to another.  She had to take her time but did well for being so young.  Clayton had this determination when he was young.

Example of one climb and slide.

Here is another.

After we wore the girls out we headed home for the rest of the evening.

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