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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 93 - 4/19/14 Day With The Girls

Today we got to be with the girls today by ourselves for a good part of the day as Dana and Clayton had a party to go to today.

First thing this morning we went with Dana and the girls to a park at Pacific Beach to pick up Clayton who went out for a run down there from the house.

Once Dana and Clayton went to the party Denise and I decided to take the girls for a walk in downtown La Jolla.  

Saturday is a busy day in La Jolla with lots of people being out.  It's been cool and cloudy for the last few days near the coast.  So it being warmer and sunny it was a walk from where we parked to the cove where the seals are.

Here the girls have a snack in the park.

Looking at the seals.

Temporary location of life guard station while the Cove complex is rebuilt.

A trip to the grocery store before we returned home allowed Denise to pick up supplies for mini pizzas.  The girls got to make their own and Madison made mine.

After lunch and naps Madison took her electric car out for a ride.  Here she poses by my campervan.

We linked up with Dana & Clayton at Su Casa, a Mexican Restaurant in La Jolla for dinner.

After a trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

Tomorrow morning we have a reservation for brunch for Easter.  Tomorrow is Denise and my last day visiting, as Monday we both head home.  Denise flys home and I start my trip home in the campervan.

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