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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 102 - Part 1 - 4/28/14 South Bend - Lots of Cars

I started my day wth the normal routine after leaving the Walmart parking lot with a stop at the Pilot truck stop for gas and shower.

Then I headed to the Studebaker Museum downtown South Bend but first McDonalds for my wifi / drink.

I walked in when it opened at 10:00

I didn't expect such a professional museum.  The museum is combined with a local museum that includes a tour of a mansion of a local entrepreneur, but you can just pay for the Studebaker side as I did and AAA discount from $8.00 to $6.50.  After seeing the quality of the museum it should cost $16.00.

I have so many photos that I can't share them all here.

Studebaker's first transportation to the Midwest.

Studebaker was a blacksmith and moved on to carriages that included 3 Presidental carriages that they have.  The Lincoln carrage is going to the Smithsonian soon for a display for the 150th anniversary of his assassination.

Then Studebaker moved on to cars.

Studebaker also produced wagon wheels and speciality wagons and carriages for World War I and vehicles for WWII.

Lots of history and can't share it all here.

So many beautiful cars.

Fire trucks

Pick up trucks.

And a Woody

I liked this color.

The Avanti was the last model in the early 1960's.

The museum is 3 floors and well worth the short drive off of I80/i90.

South Bend is also home of Notre Dame College.  It was cold rainy and just miserable outside for a walk of the campus so I drove the campus.

I split today into two parts as I have so much to share and only half the day is over.

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