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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 86 4/12/14 Yuma Taco Festival & Centennial Music Festival

I consider myself lucky to have such a nice event on mr way to San Diego.  I planned to be in San Diego Sinday and my travels took me through Yuma, AZ, and it just so happens that the Taco Fesival was today.

Four tacos and two beers later I was well nurished with my taco fix.

1st was beef - good

2nd was pork - excellent

3rd was fish - good

4th was pork - good

Since I had gotten to the event about 11:30 am I waited awhile into the afternoon for some ice cream.

In combination with the Taco Festival they had a music event in the same area with bands playing from 2:00 to 11:00 pm.

The event was held at their Civic Center.  They have a park, ball fields, tennis courts, golf course, and a indoor event center.

I met Jack & Mary from Washington State and they said they live 30 miles from where the landslide was that has killed over 30 people.

They love their Airstream Trailer having traveled here with it on their visit to Yuma.  Jack was a bush pilot in Alaska before retiring many years ago.  He recounted a number of stories, one in particular was having to fly a police investigator to the scene of one brother killed the other with a shot gun.  Subsequent to that trip he picked up a woman to travel to the same town and he leom earned on the flight that it was the mother of the two boys.

He said he didn't have the heart to tell her, especially on the plane.  She hadent seen th for sometime and wanted to visit them.  She was two weeks late.

This was all part of Yuma's Centennial.

Here is an old Yuma picture from the web.

I stayed around until 11:00 pm and the closing fireworks.

Tomorrow it's San Diego to see Clayton's wife Dana & two granddaughters Madison & Taylor.  I FaceTimed with them the other day and they are excited about my return & Omo's (Denise) visit & Faddy's return.

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