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Monday, March 2, 2015

What Are The Chances?

I'm bringing some items to the car's passenger side here at the Colorado Belle before checking out and a man walks up and looks like he is going to his car's driver's side, so I close my door and offer him a way into his car.  

He says, What are the chances?  I look puzzled and he says two Massachusetts cars.

Well a conversation later the What are the chances? got more interesting that both of us being from Massachusetts.

He comes out here every winter like me.  He used to have a van like me and got rid of it as it cost too much to drive it across the country, like me. He lives in and out of his car like me.  He stayed at the Colorado Belle last night like me to get out of the weather. He is retired like me.  We both live in towns with a W.  His being Westfield and mine Westminster.

I didn't ask but I would guess we are the same age.  We do differ as he likes breakfast buffets and I like dinner buffets.

Oh what are the chances that two guys with all those similarities get to park next to each other in a parking lot that has hundreds of parking spaces on the same day?

Oh one more.  What are the chances we would be at our vehicles at the same time.

I am always amazed by such coinincidences when they happen to me.  

I asked him a rhetorical question before we parted.  How many retired guys from Massachusetts do you think are roming around the southwest?  I wouldn't have thought not very many, but two met today in the Colorado Belle parking lot.

I love when such anomalies happen.


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  1. Amazing! Did you exchange info so you can keep in touch?