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Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 63 - Las Vegas / IWCE Show

Last night when I checked in I said to the woman registering me in, "Is there any special offers for the room?".

I remembered the offer I saw online and I don't think I would be offered them unless I asked.  I got two free pastries & a coffee, so to change up my breakfast routine I went and stood in line for my offering.  The stand sells Krispy Cream donuts too.

I was told that I could pick two items from the top display case shelf which did not include the Krispy Cream donuts.  

The guy behind me had a coupon too and he and his wife had their eyes on the Krispy Cream donuts.  He asked if he could pay extra beyond the coupon to get what they wanted and you could tell looking at the attendants face that she hears the question a lot.  I got two Danish and coffee and I was on my way thinking about people that want something for nothing.  

Outside the day was nice and looking south and east you could see the clouds that included the rain yesterday leaving clear sky's behind.

On my way to Las Vegas on US 95 you find the speed of 25 mph going through Searchlight, NV.

My destination is right off the Las Vegas Strip at the Las Vegas Convention Center .

The convention center is on the monorail line and only one street from the "Strip".

I'm here for the IWCE conference.  This is the premier conference for radio communication.  My past life as Fire Chief I was heavily involved in radio communication in our department and the mutual aid system.

Having education and practical application experience I signed up for the vendor show that was free.  Here I spoke to many vendors and learned about new products.  I would like to stay current so I may continue to be involved in consulting.

It is a large conference and it is nearly all highly technical around communication systems, components, and related systems and services.

After about 3 hours of walking and talking and passing information on to an associate I used to work with that was not here, it was time to leave.  At the same time as this show I was attending, ACE hardware had their vendor show.

Back out on the street heading north looking in the distance is the Stratosphere (tall spire straight ahead).

As I turn the corner to head to I15 this old style McDonalds is on the corner.

Back on the highway I am headed towards to Salt Lake City where I have a reservation on Saturday night.

I stop in Mesquite, NV at McDonalds for Iced Tea and downloads before stopping for the night just up the road.

Here I am right off I15 in the Northwest corner of Arazona, just prior to Utah.  I picked this BLM campground (not dispersed camping) for the night with flush toilets but no showers.  

I get to stay for $4.00 with my senior pass.  I met a husband and wife Canadians who pay the full price of $8.00, which still isn't bad.  

I have all day tomorrow and Saturday to tour a couple national parks just up the road before getting to Salt Lake City.

There is no cell phone signal so I am writing and storing on my phone for sending tomorrow.

This month has been a heavy data usage month with my AT&T plan of 5gb of data.  I will go over for the month and will be charged another $10 for each extra HB of data I will use.

I filled up with gas today and I am just below $500 in spending for gas and I am about 300 miles shy of 11000 miles.  I had planned a budget of $1200 - $1500 for fuel based on a 15000 mike trip.  I am doing way better than that and it appears that I will be driving more than 15000 on this trip as I am going to hot 11000 miles when I get to Salt Lake City then I go to California again before heading home.  It will be at least 4000 miles to cross the country home and I estimate 2000 miles of driving around befor I get to CA.  That gives me s new estimate of 17000 miles I will travel this year compared to the 13600 miles I traveled last year.  I should also be under the $1000 in gas spending on the trip.


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