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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 68 - Insurgent The Movie / Laundry / End of Vacation Fun

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I went to see the movie Insurgent last evening here in Murry, UT, just south of Salt Lake City.

When I go to the movies I have gotten used to asking if there is a senior discount.  I asked the attendant she replied it was only $3.00.  She said all movies are $3.00 on Minday's.

I was a bit stunned by it being so inexpensive regardless of the day.

There were only about six people in the theater at showtime.  I was sitting by the left isle and a guy sits directly in front ofe and I had a big head in my view of the screen.  I guess he was oblivious so I moved to the other isle.

(Web photo)

I had seen Divergent and I liked that movie so I was ready to see the follow up.  It wasn't until writing this blog did I learned of the book series.

Insurgent did pick up the previous storyline of Divergent but it finished with only a small hint of the possibility of another movie called Allegiant.  The web search has Allegiant being split into two movies, part 1 & part 2.

The movie kept my interest well, but the special affects pulled me away from the movie a couple times.  I don't like being at a movie and being pulled away to think about the movie rather than watch it.  I felt that there were a couple of significant characters in the movie who's roles were not well formed.

I would give it an overall rating a 7 our of 10.

From the hotel I got a nice pink color in the morning sky.

It was time to do laundry before I leave for a yet to be determined spot.  That's a decision I need to make before I drive away in the morning.

The laundromat was the nicest of all that I have gone to on this trip.  Kids room with toys, lounge area with leather recliner, nice bathroom and choice of cash or credit on washers

The laundromat is on US 89 which leads to down town Salt Lake City so I decided to take the drive into the city.

(Web photo)

As you head north on US 89 it is straight and you can see the Capitol Building on the foothill over the city.  I just stayed straight for about 8 miles and I arrived.  Traffic was minimal on the wide multilane roads in the city.

(Web photo)

Not more than a few blocks down the hill is the Morman Temple.  I have been to the Temple before and although it was interesting as something to see, when we were there we were pressured by two young well dressed adults about not signing their book.  It was uncomfortable.

My photos of down town did not come out well and to get good photos it would mean finding and paying for parking that I was not interested to do in 40 degree weather.

Salt Lake City doesn't seem to be a walking city with any significant grouping of stores and restaurants.  There are many large buildings in the down town area and then on the outskirts to the south are single story old commercial buildings, with some bostded up.  Up by the Capitol Building there are some nice single family homes.

I went to the Pilot station off of I80 to fill up for my trip tomorrow.  While I was there a trucker was having a medical emergency.  The ambulance arrived first then the engine.

My next stop after Walmart for groceries for my trip tomorrow was back to Park City to meet up with Clayton and wife Dana for lunch at The Bridge Cafe.  This is the bridge diwntown that is covered with snow for skiers to make a stop here and get a lift back up the slopes.  Clayton had called me while he was on the mountain and they skied to the front door of the restaurant.

I then met them and the girls on the slopes to watch my granddaughters ski with their parents after their ski school lessons today and the other day.

They have a "first run" slope that the parents tool them on the chairlift and down the slope.  

The lessons prepared them well for skiing and they did well.

We stopped in a restrant there outside the lodge the are staying at and had a small dinner.  It was later and with a 40+ minute drive back I opted to head back to Murry to my hotel to post my blog and contemplate where I go tomorrow.


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