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Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 57 - My House Cleaning / Oil Change / Kingsman Movie

Here I am this am in the local park cleaning and organizing my Prius Van Home.

It seems I am forced to reorganize every week as I don't always put things back each time I use them.  I have found that living in a small space there is no room for disorder.

(Web Photo - You revision Toyota)

This morning I am also buying time as I called this am for 5K mile service for my Prius at 10:15. at Precision Toyota that did my service work before.

I am charging my house batteries from last nights usage to power the fridge.  I need to recharge the house batteries so I can  run the fridge off of them while the car is in for service.

While in the park I noticed this Southwest commercial flight landing at Tucson and this Millitary fighter jet doing a fly around at the same time time at a different elevation of course.

It's in the 80's during the day outside and warmer in the car so I can't ignore that more than a couple hours without power now spoil my food.  It's all about keeping the house batteries charged during the day so I can run on them at night without running the car. When I have service one the Prius I have to plan charging into the day.

I met Jason the service representative at Precision Toyota and he remembered me and said, "We're you not here for service just a few weeks ago?"  I answered yes it was about 6 weeks and 5K miles later.  

Another service tech asked about needing an oil change and I told him I had the same question for Harr Toyota.  The manual says change oil every 5K miles and I was told to do it at 5K.  Last time I was here it was suggested to be 5K so let's change the oil and rotate the tires.  I ssid  changevthevoil and rotate the tires for this visit. 

I went into the waiting room and connected to their WIFI that was very fast.  I was fast enough to update all my pending application updates.

I then put in my expenses to Quicken and then worked on my 2014 Taxes in Quicken.  My taxes were just about done and just needed a check and s minor change.

There are two customer lounges and I chose to be in the quiet one to do my work. I had about an hour and a half before the Prius is done.

As I finished up I used my AT&T phone as a hotspot for a secure connection for e-filing my taxes.  The problem is that I found an actual software problem with Turbo Tax.

The problem ws that after putting in your payment information and it says click her to e-file and when you do it does another check of your submission.

Ok every other year it does this and I have a business error and cluck to ignore butbthisvyearbyou can't go forward without addressing.  

I go back to the business deductions and ensure I remove any reference to seeking a depreciation for a vehicle deductionand only want to use actual expenses,  but the software keeps trying to address a problem that I fixed.  Yup a software problem, so I get on the phone with Intuit after hunting for a phone number.  I wait 25 minutes folr someone and have him my problem.

The service rep I have on the line gets higher technical support and comes back and tells me how to remove the form from calculating vehicle depreciation.  Then I can e-file. A work around. 

I had to pay this year to the federal government so I used the payment from my checking account electronically.  This is a first and we will see how it goes.  

Anyway, Intuit got around my Turbo Tax problem  but they do have a bug that needs to be fixed.

After my service it was back to the park to make dinner and then I decided to go to the movies.

The movie Kingsmanvwas on my list so the theater was only 5 minutes away so I went  to the 4:20 show.

I thought the movie was good.  It is based on futuristic ideas and grounded in spy intrigue.  I was entrrtsined and for me since it kept my interest so it goes on the better than average side.

Since no had s early diner I got the drink and popcorn.

When I came out of the show I was treated by a wonderful sunset.



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