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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Uriah Heep Concert - Another What Are The Chances

Folks, Here is another "What are the chances?

My son Brent and I play a game of guess this group every time we get together.  Every?  Yes, every!  Brent 2 is not just good, he is great across a great span of time.  I am good with my period rock and I can get some of the oldest that he may not guess.

(Web Photo)

With the background out of the way, there was s song from old rock days that I was telling him about hearing by Uriah Heep and I didn't remember the group.  Failed😣.

(Web Photo)

It was Uriah Heep.  I check them out on the web and get caught up on their music and learn they have been making new music albums.  Their latest is Outsider and yes they still release in vinyl for those enthusiasts.

Clock forward a couple months.

Now I am driving back from Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and was listening to 96.1 here in Tucson.  Is a rock station here and they announce that Uriah Herp is playing this Wednesday night diwntown Tucson.  Yes!

I waste no time in buying myself a ticket. I would go just because of "What are the chances."  It's like I'm supposed to be here for some reason.  It's at a small venue downtown called the Rialto.

Although the probability of this string of events are not as far flung as others I have had,  it fits and I'm going.

It's been about two week since I put on long pants, having worn shorts day and night.  70's or 80's during day and 40's to 50's at night.  Sorry, had to add this for my friends back home. 

This afternoon I spruce up and dress in jeans and black tee shirt and check parking online and get to town at 6:00 and the lot is across the street and only $3.00.

The World of Beers is on the corner right next door to the ReAlto Theater where the show is.  I pick a tall table next to the sidewalk and street.

I open the menu and I see lager and Pilsner.  I'm in heaven.  I am not seeing IPA this and that.  It's hard to find a lager and Pilsner selection beer in our area.  Usually token beers in an IPA world.

I hadn't eaten dinner so I ordered the pretzel.  They delivered a bohemith pretzel with mustard and I got the cheese  sauce too.  I'm having a great time texting Brent 2 as I know he would appreciate what I am doing as he is into adventure road trips.

The line for the Uriah Heep concert is forming in front of me on the street so it was time for me to check out and get into line. 

I had the ticket mailed to me so they scanned my phone and I was in.

The band plays on stage and the floor in front is a mosh pit and halfway back are seats.  A guy is saving seats and there isone on the center right isle side open.  Bagged a front seat until the show starts.

It's like being in a movie theater as they show ads on their movie screen before the show.

With a house beer in hand I'm ready to hear their newest album material.

The opening band was the Power Wig Machine.  They are a decent local rock band from Ticson.

Uriah Heep took the stage to what I estimate a crowd of about 500 in a place that could handle about twice that with the standing room in front and out back.

It was a fun night with one encore.

The band did play well as we have all aged.  Although the crown was a period group there were a good amount of younger followers.

In a market where you have new and upcoming artists coming from programs like the Voice, it's nice to see an original rock band that still cares about their music and is out producing new material and not just singing off their laurels.

They did mention Alice Cooper, who DJ's from his house in the area, had been playing from their new album Outsider.

They are a band that is worth a look for their Rock talent and energy on stage.



  1. I'm sure Brenty was very jealous of your evening! Beer, live music, a perfect match.

  2. I'm sure Brenty was very jealous of your evening! Beer, live music, a perfect match.

  3. I was jealous. I wish I was there for the show. At least we have Motley Crue later in the summer.